Visual content is still the best way to increase engagement. Unfortunately, most business owners and PR practitioners are not professional photographers or graphic designers. It was never part of our training because it was not part of PR before. Now it definitely is.

Consider this statistic:

More than 80% of news stories have some visual material. 

Editors and publishers know that visuals increase views and shares, so they look for stories with great visuals. And now that reporters and bloggers are required to provide visuals with their stories, they are always on the look-out for material with visual “eye-candy.”

Luckily there are devices and tools that can help you create this kind of visual material without spending years training as a designer.

Taking a photograph

Today’s smartphones have excellent cameras in them. With just a few extras you can get amazing shots.

  • Use a tripod.  You can buy small tripods on Amazon or at stores like BestBuy.

use a tripod when taking pictures with a smartphone

  • Get an LED light.  For taking photos inside this is essential.  Taking a picture in bad lighting will ruin the shot.  Some tripods can hold the phone and the light.  Some lights can be clipped right onto the phone.


LED light for taking good photographs


  • Use the Rule of Thirds grid on your phone.


the rule of thirds grid on a smartphone

  • If you are making a video get an external microphone that plugs into your phone.

external mic for smartphones

Get the complete Visual Content Guide – it’s full  of tips and tricks on composition, lighting, use of space and lines.

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