A website is a vital part of marketing your business today. And it needs to be a living, breathing publication – not an online brochure that gets updated once a  year – maybe. You should be getting traffic to your website from three sources:  Search  engines, other referring sites and direct traffic (People who know your brand and type in the url.)

Search engine traffic shows how visible your content is online, referring traffic shows  how successful your distribution and outreach efforts are, and direct traffic shows brand awareness.

A good website usually gets about 50 percent of its traffic from search.  But that only happens if the content on the site is very well optimized for search engines and the site shows up in searches for relevant keywords.

Meta Tags

Every page of your website must have a unique title and description –  this is what Google displays as the headline and description of the site in their search results.  It is often the first content a person sees from your brand.  Make sure it is the best it can be and tells your story correctly.  Also give Google the clues it needs to rank you for the right keywords.

Google search results

This search entry leaves no uncertainly about what this company is, or does. The description doesn’t run over the Google length and reads as a complete sentence.

Never leave this vital persuasive copy to the website developer or programmer.  They have wonderful skills, but writing good copy is not one of them.

Page Content

Every page should have a goal and the content on the page must be written with that in mind.  In order to rank well in the search engines you have to designate a keyword or phrase for the page and incorporate those words in the copy – in the correct percentage.  Googles s very good at reading like a human now and they demand well-written content.

Google is one audience – and you need to write page content for their algorithm because your pages must be visible. But the ultimate audience for you web content is your visitors. Every page must be easy to read, give the information the visitor is looking for, and be laid out in a pleasing format that doesn’t disperse their attention.


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